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Sunday 21st April 2024

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This is the series entry page for the 2024 FRA Junior Championships.  Entering through this page will generate entries in each of the races in the series

  • 21st April           Duddon Dash
  • 12th May           Howgills Junior Fell Race
  • 19th May           Shuttlingsloe Fell Race
  • 9th June            Rossendale Junior Fell Race
  • 15th June          Weaver Hills Fell Race
  • 7th July             Clywdian Junior Fell Race  

Individual race entries are also available for these races if you don't want to enter the series.
The FRA Junior Championship series are for U9 (over 6)/U11/U13/U15/U17/U19.  
Please enter the races based on the entrant's age at the end of 2024 as follows;
CategoryYear of birthAge on 31-Dec-24Maximum distance
Under 92018, 2017, 20166 (from date of 6th birthday), 7 and 81 km
Under 112015, 20149 or 102 km
Under 132013, 201211 or 123 km
Under 152011, 201013 or 145 km
Under 172009, 200815 or 167 km
Under 192007, 200617 or 1810 km

Please take time to familarise yourself with the Junior rules as illustrated on Jim Tyson's wonderful cartoons which you can view here;

This championship series is run under FRA (Fell Runners Association) Rules
Entry Options - Age 6 - 89 on Sun 21 Apr 2024
Entries close Fri 17 May 2024
FRA Junior Championships Series - Under 9 entry - Age 6 - 8
Available £18.00 Enter
+Booking Charge : £1.17
FRA Junior Championships Series - Under 11 entry - Age 9 - 10
Available £18.00 Enter
+Booking Charge : £1.17
FRA Junior Championships Series - Under 13 entry - Age 11 - 12
Available £18.00 Enter
+Booking Charge : £1.17
FRA Junior Championships Series - Under 15 entry - Age 13 - 14
Available £18.00 Enter
+Booking Charge : £1.17
FRA Junior Championships Series - Under 17 entry - Age 15 - 16
Available £18.00 Enter
+Booking Charge : £1.17
FRA Junior Championships Series - Under 19 entry - Age 17 - 18
Available £18.00 Enter
+Booking Charge : £1.17
Refund Policy

Refunds & Cancellations
Individual refunds will only ever be issued at the Race Organiser’s discretion. For a refund to be considered, full details must be emailed to us for consideration within a reasonable time frame of the event.

We do not refund booking fees that were applied on top of the base Entry fee paid. The fees are Third Party charges and as such we do not receive them as part of the race regisitration transaction.
We hold the rights to amend/cancel any aspect of an event at late notice. Cancellation will only ever be a last resort for us, and we will always take direction on event cancellations from government agencies (e.g. the Met Office for weather related incidents) and the National Governing Body concerned, in addition to our assessment of the local conditions.
In the event of any cancellation, if it possible to reschedule the event to a different date in the same calendar year then all entries will be automatically transferred to the new date. Deferrals and transfers will be permitted for the rescheduled event.
Where an event cannot be rescheduled, committed contractors will be paid and remaining funds will be offered as partial refunds.

Sun 21 Apr 2024 at 11:00
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